How to Best Use Instagram Now for Business Coaches

Instagram image, how to use Instagram for BusinessStaying relevant is imperative so knowing how to use Instagram for business coaches is valuable. Currently, the platform has approximately 400 million users, which inspire most businesses to create a profile. Instagram’s unique position is that everyone has to communicate mostly through images.

I used the word mostly because you can also create short videos using Instagram’s story feature. On Instagram, your images have to:

  • give your elevator speech
  • provide samples for followers to see the value of business coaching
  • tell your company story in a way that connects.

      Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you sometimes attract organic traffic by sharing popular content, Instagram is about how to convey your message in images.

      As a business coach, your content has to touch the emotional struggle that most of your client’s experience to attract your community. For business coaches, specializing in action, create images that are examples of how to complete an action.

      If you are a solution based business coach, your images have to provide solution strategies. Click To Tweet

      For the best results, research your body of work. Repurpose text that creates the most engagement on other social profiles. Learn how to pinpoint themes out of your work. Like musicians, career professionals have a theme.

      What is your recurring theme?

      Use this theme to demonstrate the value you bring helping clients achieve their goals. Use the story feature on the home screen to upload some behind the scenes business videos. Videos on all platforms get the most reach.

      Instagram’s algorithm is another reason your story has to be impactful. The Facebook-owned social network is designed to only show your posts to followers that have previously engaged with that type of content.

      This is how to use Instagram for business.

      Instagram logo,
      Knowing that Instagram will only show content to followers that have endorsed the subject matter, search the site for your keywords. Connect with people and businesses that show interests in your topic. Touching the right emotion on this platform is how to make posts go viral.

      Like Snapchat and Periscope, Instagram stories are very short – 10 seconds.

      Yes, that short!

      With this short video length, create succinct recordings that make a connection for you. Even if you are shy, Instagram is where your business can shine.

      You can also use other proven marketing strategies which include:

      • like posts of people to make a connection
      • comment on followers and related subjects
      • engage with thought leaders
      • use trending hashtags (that include your keywords if possible)
      • host contests
      • upload ‘how to’ videos
      Instagram is a great platform for bringing life to elevator speeches Click To Tweet

      Upload content that will speak to your community demonstrating your value. These strategies are how to best use Instagram for reaching your online marketing goals. Make connections, nurture these relationships and guide them to your website and email list.


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