Could Asking Social Media Marketing Questions Help?

Could asking social media marketing questions help your engagement online for business? If so, you are in the right place. A recurring theme I have noticed is that most people explain they do social media marketing. “I do social media marketing for my business,” they tell me. Respectfully, I say to myself if you do not have a strategy, you are not doing social media marketing.

Posting anything on your pages without a strategic plan that is related to your business goals is not doing social media marketing.

Social media marketing requires a strategy, a routine plan of action and consistency. Click To Tweet

It requires an approach that will speak to your customer base.

Who are the people you serve?

All of your customers have one thing in common. What are you doing in your marketing to speak to that identifying characteristic? Consultants ask questions to create action plans that will get your content in front of people that have the same interests and needs as your current customers.

When listening to a webinar or reading social media tips online,social media marketing seems very simple. However, when you sit to your computer it is easy to feel lost or, when posts do not produce engagement to lead to sales you get frustrated.

Another issue that occurs with learning the quick tips of social media marketing online only, is that sometimes it does not seem applicable to your specific industry.

But, what if you could ask any question about social media marketing as it relates to your business? Would that help?

In the beginning, entrepreneurs have more time than resources so if they could ask direct questions, most of the time they could get the ball rolling independently.

Well now, short term help is available. You can set up a Q&A session with me to ask me any question regarding online marketing in the areas of:

  • Book Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Product launches
  • Livestreaming

To make sure we use all our time revising specific tasks for better results, you complete a discovery form prior to our meeting so, we get right to business. The entire session is about answering your questions.

If you want a video demonstration of what I explain to you, that is available as well.

If you are not getting the engagement that leads to talking with prospects or making sales online, contact me for help tweaking your Internet and social media marketing plan. This session will help you see an increase in your engagement which leads to making sales online. Click this link Q&A Session Here to make your appointment today.