Email Marketing Lists Are the Best Ways to Build Better Relationships

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Although some disagree, email marketing lists are the best ways to build better relationships with customers. Social selling is a real thing, but it does not mean you sell to people on social media cold.

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However, for Coaches and product developers, a cultivation approach to selling is a better method.

Once social network connections or website visitors subscribe to your list, they are confirming their interest. Subscribers make up your warm network – email marketing leads.

Now the cultivation starts. How?


Email Marketing Lists

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The goal of your email lists are to have subscribers that will:

  • open your emails
  • respond to your questions
  • try your free and trial offers then give you feedback when requested
  • purchase your products and services

Subscribers have made the first step by becoming email marketing leads now it’s your turn to share more useful content. Sharing content that you find beneficial and insider tips build confidence and trust.

If the information you are sharing has benefited you personally – share your story. Personal stories are one of the best ways to cultivate a sincere rapport.


Email Marketing Best Practices

To encourage engagement, it is always good to start with a popular question. People in every online community are looking for answers. They are looking to:

  • Solve problems
  • Make things (i.e. recipes, slime, etc.)
  • Have similar experiences

You can write a popular question in your email subject line, and it will motivate subscribers to open your emails.

Writing concise emails is another way to build better relationships with subscribers. Time is a precious commodity that people do not give away easily when it comes to emails.

You have to prove that your content is worth their time and you cannot be long-winded.

Email marketing lists are valuable resources that can help you create products and a network of engaging customers. Emails are the best way to build better relationships and grow your business.

However, it does require that you invest time sending content that is succinct, useful to readers and helps you build trust with subscribers.

One of the key things to remember is that people do business with people they feel they can know, like and trust. Use your email marketing lists to build trusting relationships. These strategies will help you grow your network and profits.



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