Livestreaming & Video

Working with clients since 2008, one of the things I have experienced is they LOVE helping their clients through the mental and emotional blocks.
However, some are not as enthusiastic when it comes turning their great strategies into content (blog posts). For my clients that do not like to or do not feel they have time to sit and write an article, I encourage livestreaming.
Periscope, Facebook Live and other streaming platforms are helping Coaches introduce themselves to prospects that want the experience they exemplify.
Feeling anxious about being seen does not have to be an issue. Your voice is just as powerful.
Yes, let’s talk about Facebook Live Audio, Anchor and podcasting. Regular live useful content distributed online on various platforms will get you noticed.
If you are a Coach that does not have the time to write and feel that you are an introvert, let’s talk about other ways to create your content to help you achieve the goal of consistent consultations.
Need help?

Product developers’ livestreaming helps you also. Let’s make a recording two minutes or less of your product in use.
Lets use this content on platforms to:

  • show prospects your product’s benefits.
  • Create exclusive content to make a great buzz

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