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Hi, I’m Electra Ford, owner of the Virtual Office Center. Since 2008 I’ve worked with Coaches, on Internet teams and with product developers. For these past nine years, I have observed a stagnant trend with some beginning entrepreneurs. I’ve noticed this trend sometimes has a detrimental effect on entrepreneur’s business stability.

The stagnation is usually because we are in our feelings:

  • Feeling stuck on what to write for our blog post content
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the social media platforms and what to post for engagement
  • Feeling confused on how to merge everything we know into an online marketing plan that actually works.

Most of the time these feelings lead to more frustration:

  • frustrated because we do not have disposable income to hire marketing support for our business
  • frustrated because we do not have business activity that support the cost of an assistant
  • frustrated because our marketing efforts do not yield the return we seek when we do it by ourselves.

For these reasons, I have created a Beginner Marketing Funnel.

This funnel is a way to help new entrepreneurs feel confident and know what to post on the four main areas of their online marketing plan to be successful. These four main areas are:

  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Email Relationship Building
  • Nominal Fee Product Sales

When these four tasks are streamlined and used correctly, online businesses experience engagement and activity.

So I did not create an e-book for you. This is an interactive experience for you to use your time creating a strong foundation for your online presence to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Each week you will receive an email from me, that has instructions to implement one of the above four areas. You will implement these based on your personality and marketing objectives.

By the end of the month, you will have a marketing funnel that includes:

  • new valuable content regularly
  • how to steps of what to post on social media for engagement
  • ways to interact with your email list community to build trust
  • a product to sell in your sleep

This marketing plan will help you if:

  • you have a website or you are willing to pay for a one page funnel site
  • you have social media profiles
  • you have worked in your industry long enough to have an idea for a product that you want to offer

This is an interactive 4 page course – NO FLUFF. We start working the day you signup.

So click the link below and let’s get started ok?

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