There’s 3 Affordable Best Ways Increasing Website Traffic Results

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There’s 3 affordable best ways increasing website traffic results that cost only time if you write the posts. Although you can find many discussions advising how to grow website traffic, the two methods are:

  • quality content
  • search engine optimization

The three best practices I am listing here compliment the above two strategies. If your website is new, the faster you produce quality content will determine your website traffic growth. You may consider hiring a writer to help you build up your content quickly.

However, remember your content must serve the audience. If you produce content that your audience labels unsatisfactory, the website traffic will suffer.

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Here are three ways to use the above strategies for your website to get noticed.

Quality Content Attracts Organic Traffic

Unique selling proposition (USP), is a marketing phrase that teaches to identify a unique characteristic for recognition. The truth is you are already unique.

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This is how to write for both your audience and the search engines.

Guest Post for Website Traffic

For blog marketing purposes, writing guest posts are important. As a new business, it is important to view and know at least the top five influencers in your industry. Getting familiar with these professionals could help you get noticed.

For example, Ileane Smith is a blogger I follow. After reading and commenting a few times, I applied to write a guest post on Ileane’s blog. Ileane accepted my pitch and published my article on her older site. It was an opportunity that helped me get in front of her audience.

When you are a new online business, you get in front of other people’s audience as much as possible with guest posting and sharing social media posts.

SEO Plugins Increase Organic Traffic

My final tip to build your website traffic is to use search engine optimization. The way to keep this strategy simple is to use blog plugins. WordPress has two that are very popular. They are:

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • All in One SEO Plugin
Both of these plugins are excellent. However, Yoast’s plugin provides more details to optimize your content. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to decide which keywords to use in your content. The plugins will help you optimize your content with these keywords.

If you are a blogger that wants to grow your website traffic fast consider using Market Samurai’s SEO software. Also, be aware quickly means four to six months of publishing content at least weekly to get engagement.

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Market Samurai is one of the few tools I still used since starting my virtual assistant business.
The software is great because it shows:

  • which keywords people are searching for now
  • which keywords have commercial value

Using these methods consistently will help your content marketing efforts provide a return on investment. Click the image below to learn more about Market Samurai if you want to find keywords that are getting traffic now.

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