What are Successful Unusual Ways to Promote Your Book?

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Aspiring authors receive advice to be an author simply write, but what about ways to promote your book? After all the purpose of writing a book is creating something for someone (hopefully for a lot of people) to read. With this in mind, promoting a book can become an overwhelming task.





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Creating unique promotional campaigns is the way authors succeed to make significant sales. Review these examples to spice up your marketing strategy and get your book into the reader’s hands.

Ways to Promote Your Book

Technology empowers you to promote your book effectively in ways that are compatible with your personality. It can also help you put a spin on a standard marketing practice to increase awareness about your book.

For example, introverts can increase awareness about their books by becoming a walking advertisement.

Create a QR code for your book trailer and have it printed on a shirt. Include an intriguing question, so people will scan the code from your shirt and view the book trailer without you saying a word. Your shirt can be a great way to engage in conversations at fairs and other events where you can set up a table or booth to promote your book.

Another way to get noticed differently is to have your book signing at a unique venue. Instead of the coffee shop or bookstore, schedule your event at a place that relates to your topic. For books on technology or video games, talk to the managers of a Best Buy or a Gaming store.

Create an eye-catching display of your book and promotional items. Interested people will stop at your table, and you can discuss their potential purchases and how they relate to your book’s message.

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Making your book identifiable with customer’s needs and interests is what will increase your sales. You can also use this strategy when it comes to giving a presentation. Learn about the town or area where you are giving a talk. If you can relate local events to your book’s message that will help you increase the audience’s attention.

If possible, poll your audience, asking questions and use the information affirmatively in your talk. This strategy will help you make a significant impression on your audience, so they remember you.

These are three variations on standard book marketing ways to promote your book. As you consider these actions, let your imagination free to discover alternative events to help you sell more books.

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